Pet Peeves, Part 3

Back by popular demand. Sort of. Really more of an opportunity to vent. We all have things that peeve us, no matter how congenial and pleasant we are.

Here are another ten:

Leaving garbage carts at the curb for days. Even leaving then in the street. On vacation, no. Just lazy.

Backing vehicle into parking space, holding up traffic. Not just traffic in the parking lot, but vehicles waiting in the street to enter the lot. That’s a safety issue; it happened just the other day.

Auto-callback. When you call a business, like a doctor’s office, get put into a cue on hold, and then told you will be called back and the call is terminated. I don’t like holding, but I’d rather wait online because it’s usually hours or the next day before a callback.

Contacting a business for a service or plan issue and immediately trying to sell you additional service. What internet service or wireless service do you have? None of your business, focus on my need. I’m sure these customer reps are incentivized to sell additional services, but it’s irritating.

Ordering an item from an advertiser and surprised it comes from an overseas country. Nothing in the ad identifies the sale as originating overseas. Then the product sucks and you can’t get a happy ending, so to speak. One of these days I’ll learn.

Workmen who impede vehicles getting through on residential streets by creating a bottleneck of work trucks and equipment, for their own convenience, rather than ensuring passage of traffic. Also bad is the blocking of driveways with vehicles/equipment without notifying impacted residents to give them a chance to get vehicles out of driveway/garage if needed. Everyone has a need, let’s just be considerate.

Trying to leave a voicemail but the voicemail box is full and the call is terminated.

Having to pay for cable channels I don’t watch or have any interest in. Program packages and bundles only benefit programmers and cable providers. It’s a racket.

Someone talking to you in technical language or terminology they are fluent, but you have idea what they are saying. This is particularly true of medical professionals. While trying to decipher terms, I’m missing that I really have 24 hours to live. Or it’s a 24 hour cold. One or the other.

Dental staff who hit you with expensive sales pitches while you are reclined in the chair, with things in your mouth. This gives you no opportunity to weigh options or think of questions you might want the information to before making an informed decision. It’s a power play to catch you in a vulnerable state. I quit a dentist that operated like this.

Bonus peeve: People who complain a lot.

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