Growing Younger

Mile marker number 64 is dead ahead for me. Maybe “dead” is not the best word to use.  Anyway, around and around in orbit we go.  On the occasion of birthdays, one may feel a bit philosophical. So, here are a few observations about the journey.


The sun no longer seems surprised; him again. And back so soon.

These trips around the great yellow orb are getting shorter.

Although we are supposed to age wiser, life brings uninvited complication.

The fabric of relationships is woven of many interconnected layers.

The sun peeks through the trees reminding us not to exist in isolation.

Dreams are like flags, tattered and ragged, but still flying proudly.

Say what you mean, mean what you say, be kind not mean.

When this chapter closes, a new one begins but the pages are blank.

Life decisions are like stones thrown in a pond, spreading far beyond the epicenter.

Not everything you are thinking should be said out loud. Pause. Think.

Don’t wait till tomorrow to say what should be said today. Tomorrow may not come.

The past is like a car we trade in, great memories and trips, but also repairs and payments. Take the memories and motor onward.

People remember select things about you, so make sure they are good things.

Half-hearted is like half empty.

Secret desires are unplanted seeds.

Be curious and curiouser about what is beyond the horizon.

The voice in your head is not always right, it is not always a friendly voice. Get a second opinion.

Fear keeps people from many worthy things. Fear guarantees failure.

Know your principles and stand squarely with them; they usually come with a cost.

It is possible to grow younger, to shed old thinking and reject the societal expectations of age.  We exercise, eat nutritiously,  take meds, purchase a new wardrobe, a new hairdo and eliminate the gray, talk like a hipster – yet, it is still you.  The physical world will fight you; wrinkles, aches and wear wage a silent battle like nature reclaiming man’s footprint.  The mirror has but one face, the one you want to be.  You can change the outside, but you must purposely grow the inside with vigor and resolve.

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