Older Love

Burnt orange sunsets

Faint smell of familiarity lingers

A hint of electricity airborne

Strolling, linked by our fingers

Breathe in and savor her scent

She laughs, and my frown lines remain

Plenty of grey and freckles

Gradually time becomes a binding chain

No matter, life burns inside out

Feeling are sharper and sweeter

Passion is golden like molten steel

And persistent as the love song’s meter

There are fewer grains of sand remaining

Less moments in forever

Each more valuable than gold

No time to waste on being clever

My love is humble, my voice softer

Holding her hand, I feel her heartbeat

The moments between each heavenly thump

Is a lifetime that will never repeat

Let’s explore around corners and over every hill

Lean on each other, laugh and shed tears

Experience each color in the rainbow

And seize all that matters from available years

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